Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Statistical inference based on an adaptive type-II progressive censored data in exponential distribution    M.Sc.    Sanji, Hadi    0000-00-00
2    Estimating the parameters of the generalized exponential distribution based on unified hybrid censored data            0000-00-00
3    Analysis of Hybrid Censored Data from the Log-Normal Distribution            0000-00-00
4    Inference for weibull distribution based on unified hybrid censored data            0000-00-00
5    Goodness-of-fit test based on Kullback-Leibler information with adaptive type_II progressively censored data            0000-00-00
6    Bayesian Two-sample Prediction with Progressively Censored Data for Generalized Exponential Distribution            0000-00-00
7    Explicit expression for moments of order statistics in Normal, Log-Normal, Gamma, Beta and t with their applications    M.Sc.    belashniya, hadi    2011-05-31
8    Bayesian inference for generalized exponential family Based on censored data    M.Sc.    razavi, seyed erfan    2011-06-08
9    Examination of estimation methodes for censored data and their applications in economic    M.Sc.    shakeri ravesh, malihe    2011-06-08
10    Goodness of fit tests based on entropy    Ph.D    Alizadeh Noughabi, Hadi    2011-06-13
11    Estimating the Parameters of the Generalized Exponential Distribution in Presence of Censoring Data    M.Sc.    abasi, ali    2011-07-09
12    Prediction of progressvely Type-II censored data    Ph.D    Ghafouri, Somayeh    2011-12-11
13    investigation of demographic, behavioral and personal charactreristics effects on traffic safety indices.    Ph.D    Mohammadzadeh Moghadam, Abolfazl    2011-12-21
14    Multivariate Regression    M.Sc.    shahamati, sara    2012-05-08
15    The entropy as a tool for analysing statistical dependences financial time series    M.Sc.    Fathi, Majid    2012-05-19
16    A survey on Burr XII regression    M.Sc.    pourabdollah e meynag, mahdi    2012-06-04
17    Statistical inference for the three-parameter gamma distribution based on censored data    M.Sc.    Seyed Mousavi, Bibi Hamideh    2012-06-20
18    The exponential-G distributions family    Ph.D    Javanshiri, Zohre    2012-07-06
19    Statistical inference for the three-parameter lognormal distribution based on censored data and record values    M.Sc.    zangoie, amin    2012-09-20
20    Parametric statistical inference based on lifetimes of coherent systems with signature    M.Sc.    siampour ashkavandi, mohammad sadegh    2013-04-24
21    Analytical Hierarchy Process and its application in the social science    M.Sc.    khosravi, farzaneh    2013-06-17
22    Parametric and Non-parametric Inference Under Interval-Censored Data    M.Sc.    fayazan, fateme    2013-11-06
23    the effect of different definition of corporate size on profitability and liquidity    M.Sc.    nourbakhsh hosseiny, zeinab    2013-12-10
24    Multilevel models for discrete response data    M.Sc.    hassani, marjan    2014-02-18
25    Statistical inference on the basis of system lifetimes with dependent components for component distributions    M.Sc.    alavi, nahid sadat    2014-02-18
26    A study of effect of substitution of business masters students as nonprofessional investors    M.Sc.    kafashpour, fahime    2014-05-06
27    Linear mixed models and their applications for predictiing the market demand of industerial companies    M.Sc.    aghelnezhad, jalal    2014-06-25
28    Statistical inference for Weibull power series distribution    M.Sc.    ghalibafan, fereshteh    2014-06-25
29    On properties of progressively Type-II censored order statistics arising from dependent and non-identical random variables    M.Sc.    Kazempoor, Jaber    2014-07-23
30    Comparison of panel Regression and ARIMA model in forecasting stock prices of companies in Tehran stock exchange‎    M.Sc.    zinati, yasaman    2014-10-02
31    ‏‏‎The ‎Comparison Neural Network, ‎Decision Tree and Cox ‎Models in Classification of Survival Data    Ph.D    mokaram, reza    2014-12-24
32    Goodness-of-fit Tests Based on Length-Biased Data    Ph.D    Amir Jahanshahi, Seyed Mahdi    2015-01-28
33    Study of Past Lifetime Goodness of Fit Tests    Ph.D    KHALILI, MOHADESEH    2015-01-28
34    Analytical bayesian multilevel models and its application in the social science    M.Sc.    Rezaiy, Reza    2015-01-28
35    Concepts of entropy measures in ordinal data (order statistics and record values)    M.Sc.    khammar, amirhamzeh    2015-03-02
36    Optimization of Random Maintenance Policies    M.Sc.    senobary, mahbobeh    2015-03-02
37    Kullback-Leibler Information of the Equilibrium Distribution Function and its Application to Goodness of Fit Test    M.Sc.    sadeghpoor, mehran    2015-09-14
38    Lin- Wong Properties based on Censored Data    Ph.D    PAKGOHAR, ALIREZA    2015-09-14
39    On the Robustness of the Parametrics Estimation for Cencored Data    M.Sc.    saghiry, Nahid    2015-11-09
40    َA Review on the System Reliability Based on Masked Data    M.Sc.    soori, maliheh    2016-02-08
41    Subjects of Past Entropy    M.Sc.    biglari, akram    2016-05-09
42    Survival Data Analysis with Time-Dependent Covariates Using Generalized Additive Models    M.Sc.    Nourollahi, Hadi    2016-06-13
43    Measures of divergence and goodness of fit tests    Ph.D    ahrari, vahideh    2017-02-14
44    Inter-Organizational relationships pathology of the urban management organizations in Mashhad metropolitan development plans (Case studies: Roads and Urban Development Office, City Council of Mashhad and Mashhad Municipality)    M.Sc.    Bakharzi Ghezelhesar, Seyedmohammad    2017-10-16
45    cox regression models with functional covariates for survival data    M.Sc.    kazerani, mahsa    2018-02-05
46    Modeling Unemployment Duration    M.Sc.    Esmaeel Nezhad, Zahra    2018-04-30